Welcome to AK Store, founded in 2013 by accountant with years of experience.

Modern business policy of every successful company requires fast and precise decision making and work in several fields of activity. This way of working requires teamwork. One of the most important fields of activity is the work of the accounting sector and tax advisors. It is very important that this team is highly professional, experienced in auditing, tax and financial affairs. Such a team, ready to respond to all challenges and obstacles in its field, ensures the stability and security of business of each company.

For more than twenty years, our team has been working, learning, progressing and thus creating a high standard of work by providing its clients with high-level services, respecting, above all, all their needs, requirements and deadlines.

By visiting our website you have peeked into what we offer. We hope that you will find a successful business associate in our agency.

If you require further information, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Yours sincerely,

Sofija Zivkovic, Owner


If you wish to outsource accounting services feel free to contact us, and we will get back to you within 24 hours.

Areas of expertise

Accounting services

Accounting and bookkeeping

AK Store adapts its accounting and bookkeeping services to the business needs of each client, respecting his needs, requirements that vary and change from client to client. We strive to establish strong and sincere relationships with our clients, so that the cooperation is long-term and successful.

Transfer Prices

Preparation of a Study on transfer pricing

We can freely say that transfer prices are at the top of all tax and financial issues today. Our team in Serbia provides transfer pricing services for taxpayers in Serbia and transactions with their related parties abroad and other legal entities.


Tax planning

Tax strategy and planning are one of the most important parts of business planning, both at the international level and at the level of individual countries. AK Store applies knowledge in the field of tax system to a specific activity of the company with the aim of planning obligations, whether it is Ad hoc or permanent planning.

Cash Flow

Cash flow is one of the key mechanisms in the work of any company. Without this report, the company would not be able to function. The Cash Flow Statement is a statutory financial report that provides information on cash inflows and outflows based on business, investment and financing activities over a period of time. The methodology for compiling this report is performed in accordance with IAS 7.

Advisory services

Every company, whether local or even global, has its own characteristics and complexity of certain needs. AK Store expert advisory team offers multi-qualified solutions for all your business obligations and problems. We offer a range of our services in complex segments of modern business: internal audit services and special investigations of business compliance. We are a team of certified experienced professionals who are constantly improving by following new standards.

Internal Audit

AK Store specializes in performing internal audit in accordance with IAS and reporting under MSFI. The members of our audit staff are highly qualified, with rich experience who, with their systematic approach, enable the client to increase the value of the business and produce positive effects for the company. We perform a risk-based audit to ensure that our assignment has the greatest possible value, both for our client and for a third party that relies on the final report leading to the ability to properly assess and make the right decisions.


International Financial Reporting Standards have created an essential condition for quality financial reporting. A certain level in financial reporting contributes to attracting investments and improving the economy. External financial reporting is a very important segment of the company’s accounting information system.